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What Our Members Say

This place has became my second home and everybody my family! Great facility with excellent coaches that are qualified and know what they are doing! Great fun for all level of fitnesses! Welcoming and supportive atmosphere that will make you want to top your best all the time!

Eren Erkin Dikkaya

CrossFit Moreland Member

Ben and the team are setting the standard for CrossFit and Strength and Conditioning in Melbourne. I highly recommend getting down and checking out their box to get amazing results

Stephen King

CrossFit Moreland Member

It’s such a great community, all-inclusive, inspiring, and motivating, everyone here is so encouraging and supportive. I’ve made so much progress since training here thanks to the expertise of our awesome coaches! Fantastic facilities and high class equipment too. I LOVE CrossFit Moreland!

Simi Collins

CrossFit Moreland Member

Started back in 2014, haven’t looked back. The Crossfit Moreland community is awesome, great facilities, coaches are highly skilled, passionate about fitness and getting you healthier and stronger to achieve your goals at your pace. Here’s to many more years ahead! Thanks Crossfit Moreland.

James Marsonis

CrossFit Moreland Member

I started at CFM, really nervous and way out of my comfort zone! After only a few sessions, my only regret was to have not taken the plunge earlier! CFM has taken me on a journey that has made me physically stronger and a better person! The encouragement from the coaches motivates you to be the best that you can be.

Meredith Prime

CrossFit Moreland Member

I started at CFM in 2013 and although it was the gymnastics in CrossFit that drew me in, suddenly I found myself enjoying other aspects, including Olympic weight lifting! It’s a wonderful thing to learn new skills and challenge yourself. One of the best things about CFM, is the people, the coaches are brilliant and the community is really warm and welcoming. The fact that I can look forward to getting up at 5:15am each morning really speaks for itself! Thank you CFM!

Denae Khan

CrossFit Moreland Member