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Your Burning FAQ’s Answered

Firstly, CrossFit is very different than almost all health and fitness programs on the planet. It is group based high intensity training using the worlds best strength and conditioning program. It incorporates full body functional movements to enhance your strength, flexibility, gymnastics skills, running, jumping and much more.. We also include nutrition, mobility and stabilisation exercises to make you the healthiest person you will ever be. Don’t believe us? Book and intro session and come and see for yourself.

So now that we have established that CrossFit is the answer for you, what sets CrossFit Moreland apart from other CrossFit gyms? We think it is a combination of 3 things. Our facilities, our coaches and our community. You can read all about our FACILITIES, see our caring and highly accredited range of COACHES and well our community speaks for itself and you can check us out on Facebook and Instagram.

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