Want to learn Olympic Weightlifting? Our Free 30min Olympic Weightlifting Assessment is perfect for:

  • Beginner and intermediate level Olympic Weightlifters
  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced level CrossFitters
  • Anyone wanting to better their technique on the O'lifts

During the 30 minute pre-screen, we will assess 3 key positions in either the snatch or Clean & Jerk.

Within the assessment you'll learn:

  • The "3 points of pressure" you need for a great start position
  • How to get the most height out of the 2nd Pull
  • One key activation drill to dramatically improve your overhead squat position, necessary for the catch

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The power generated in the jerk can reach a massive 4700 watts (2140 watts in the 56 kg class to 4786 watts for a 110 kg lifter) and some of the heaviest split jerks in the world can be as quick as 0.65 seconds from the start of the dip phase through to the catch (Garhammer, J. 1980, 1991).

The rack position, part of the start position for the jerk, is one of the area's most prone to errors.

A good rack position has the following characteristics...

Click here to read the full article: Olympic Weightlifting - Set Up For The Jerk

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