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What makes CrossFit Moreland different?

Firstly, CrossFit is very different than almost all health and fitness programs on the planet. It is community based group training that is arguably the best strength and conditioning program around. It incorprates only functional movements including strength, flexibiltiy, gymnastics, running, jumping and many more movements performed at high intensity. We also include nutrition, mobility and stabiliation excersises to make you the healthiest person you will ever be. Don't beleive us? Book and intro session and come and see for yourself.

So that now we have established that CrossFit is the answer for you, what sets CrossFit Moreland apart from other CrossFit gyms? We think it is a combination of 3 things. Our facilites, our coaches and our community. You can read all about our FACILITES, see our caring and highly accredited range of COACHES and well our community speaks for itself and you can check us out on Facebook and Instagram.

Do I have to be fit BEFORE I start CrossFit?

This is THE most common question we receive. Many people think, “I’ll start as soon as I get fit”, only to find themselves in the same position 6 months later. We cater for all fitness levels, all ages and all abilites. The Workout of the Day (WOD) is tailored to you as an individual, so your fitness level is not the relevant factor. What is important that you safely give it your full effort, it doesn't matter when you finish only if you finish and in fact CrossFit has a legacy that the loudest cheers are for the people that finish last.

What does a CrossFit session actually include?

Each CrossFit class typically has a skill, strength and a conditioning component. Using modalities such as gymnastics, weightlifting and cardio based movements, each days training session is different. You can see what each day's session is like by visiting our WOD page. You'll learn new skills, make friends and get results like never before.

I have never trained before (I have not trained for ages), is CrossFit for me? 

Everything in our program is designed to be scalable so whether you are a seasoned gym-goer or a first–timer, CrossFit is for you. Our Beginners Workshop ensures that you learn the basic technique and movements for safety and then you are all ready to get a great workout. We have old members, young members, ex athletes, current athletes, ex coach potatoes you name it we have had them come through the door and train with us to improve their health and fitness.

I don't like lifting heavy weights - isn't CrossFit full of heavy weights?

In one word, No. The weight is always scaled to your level of fitness and our coaches value your technique over the amount of weight you can lift, but we do value strength as a key component of fitness and of your health. There is numerous studies and research that people of all ages, and in fact especially older people should be doing more strength based exercises as it improves bone density, muscle mass and reduces injuries.

In addition, many other modalities are also honed, including conditioning (skipping, rowing, running, airbikes) and gymnastics (pull ups, push ups, toes to bar etc). CrossFit is definitely not heavy weights only.

I'm looking to start CrossFit - how many sessions per week should I do?

The minimal balance of training sessions per week for beginners is 3 and we have our 3x weekly membership to cater for this. 3x sessions per week means you have 4 other days to recover and focus on mobility, do your other physical activities outside of CrossFit (eg bike ride, swim, attend yoga etc), eat well and rest in preparation for the next weeks training sessions.

Once you and your body are used to 3 days a week we recommend 4 - 5 days a week. This is normally accomplished with 3 on 1 off, 2 on 1 off split over the week, but everyone is different so talk to your coaches about your individual goals.

I've heard the sessions are really hard and I don't want to injure myself - is CrossFit still suitable for me?

While CrossFit is more challenging than your regular fitness regime (because it works) everything is scaled to your level of fitness in EVERY session. Unlike most fitness classes these days, our classes are fully coached by some of the best in the business from start to finish, ensuring you are always supported in each session. In addition, we have onsite physiotherapy services, including a complimentary physiotherapy session as part of your CrossFit Beginners Workshop. You can discuss your injury concerns directly with your physiotherapist, who will pass on this info to the coaches to ensure your safety.

I have an existing injury - can I still start CrossFit?

As part of the CrossFit Beginner Program you receive a complimentary physiotherapy session with Back In Motion Brunswick. This is done onsite at CrossFit Moreland with one of their experienced physiotherapists. The information is then passed onto the coaches to make sure you are safe in each session and they can work around and support your injuries and rehabilitation.

How do I get started?

Simply click HERE, and book your FREE Intro Session. Come on, you won't regret it, we promise.