What is Crossfit

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What is CrossFit?

Originally developed and implemented to meet the fitness needs of tactical operations teams, military, law enforcement and emergency personal, champion martial artists and professional athletes worldwide who trust their fitness with their lives, CrossFit has been forging the health and fitness of everyday people, from the elderly to kids and everyone in between with incredible results.


CrossFit combines functional movements including gymnastics and bodyweight movements, olympic weightlifting and barbell movements, cardio and more in new and challenging workouts daily (called WOD's).

Using a range of equipment, from barbells to pull up bars, gymnastic rings and skipping ropes, to kettlebells, dumbells and most of all your own body, you will learn new skills and achieve incredible results far beyond what your traditional training regime, globo-gym, or other fitness facility has done for you.

The WOD’s are done with intensity, scaled to your fitness level and your skillset with our highly qualified expert CrossFit Coaches safely guiding you along the way.

The common theme among the worldwide CrossFit community is its power to truly change lives and produce world class results for everyone willing to give it a go.

Whether you are a competitive athlete or an everyday person, everyone trains together and supports one another, making you fitter, healthier and happier as your results transfer into your everyday life.

You'll know everyone by name, make friends and forge a bond that only used to occur in elite sports circles.

Everyone can do CrossFit.

CrossFit is the fastest growing, results driven, fitness community in the world. Join our fast growing health and fitness community today!

”After starting CrossFit I gained confidence in myself, got fitter, leaner and stronger and met some great people along the way"

”Having been involved in sport at a recreational level previously, including football and cycling, CrossFit gave me the fitness I needed to get back on my bike and begin riding again...its got me fit and active again and has changed my life"

”Being a competitive athlete you are always on the lookout for ways to get an edge over your competition. Beginning CrossFit helped me compete and win my upcoming matches. I'd recommend it to anyone."

”I intially thought it was just for people who were already fit, but I decided to try it out upon a recommendation from a friend. I'v lost weight, gained flexibility, strength and confidence in my body. I feel 10x better than what I used too!"

A brief history of CrossFit

Not knowing that they would begin changing the worlds view of health and fitness, Greg and Lauren Glassman began posting CrossFIt workouts and articles in the year 2000 with nothing other than a computer and a pioneering article on their definition of Fitness, which we feature on our mainpage today.

Today CrossFit is the fastest growing fitness community in the world with over 5,300 Affiliates worldwide, throughout the America’s, Europe, Africa, Asia and in our backyard…Australia and New Zealand.

Originally, CrossFit was the principal training regime used by tactical operation teams, military, law enforcement and emergency personal, champion martial artists and elite and professional athletes worldwide who trust their fitness with their lives.

It has now been changing the lives of everyday people worldwide, getting you fitter, stronger, faster and healthier than ever.

What is the CrossFit Games?

Each year America plays host to The CrossFit Games, an annual competition designed to crown the winning man, woman and team (consisting of two men and two woman) the fittest people on earth.

With the signing of major sponsors Reebok and ESPN in 2012, the annual competition is now aired live on pay-per-view to an audience of worldwide and is quickly becoming a sport in its own right, touted as ”the sport of fitness”.

It could be your goal to get to the games.

The future of CrossFit is bright and it is our aim to bring this to our community, to your community and begin forging elite fitness in everyday people and athletes.


Helen, 66

”As a 66 year old woman, I could have easily said that I was too old for this sport or that I have to get "fit" first. CrossFit is scaled and you can start at any level as it works around you. I highly recommend it!
Since starting CrossFit in 2010 I have found my quality of life has improved dramatically. My overall functionality has increased and I find myself with more energy as I am fitter than ever before. "


Maggie (firefighter)

”As a firefighter and fitness instructor with the Metropolitan Fire Brigade, my role is to help train my fellow firefighters in all areas of health and fitness, preparing them for any and all challenges that arise on duty. Crossfit is the principle strength and conditioning program I use to in my programming. It has also been the motivator for taking on my health and fitness outside of firefighting, so I can best take care of the most important things in my life......my family and my kids."

Anthony (law enforcement officer, ex military officer)

“CrossFit is the principle strength and conditioning training regime I use to keep myself fit, active and ready for anything that comes up in the job. Its also been the inspiration behind taking on competitions and events outside of work, including adventure runs, mountaineering and more. The skills Iv gained and the trust I have in my bodies ability to overcome anything has been incredible”