Want to be the healthiest person you can be?

CrossFit Moreland is proud to offer a "Parents Club" with ACCREDITED childminding!

As part of our commitment to fitness for people of all abilites and experience we realise parents sometimes find it difficult to find the time and facilities to look after themselves. To solve your problem, we have a 9:30am class every weekday with safe, certified childminding available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to give you peace of mind to train while your loved ones are looked after in our friendly child room with our accrediited child minder.


About our Childminding

We have a dedicated room where your kids can relax with toys, books and games. Our accredited childminder can cater for children of any age and the room is secure and safe for your prized possesions. The room is very close to the training area but not in visual sight for your children as we know from experince that this is better for you to train but not far away if you are needed.

Our childminder can change nappies, feed children and take them to the toilet as required.

We do ask that you book your children in at least 24 hours before so we can cater for numbers. The cost of childcare is in addition to your CrossFit membership and is charged at $6 per child per session and only $5 per per child per session when you buy a book of 10.


Our lead coach for the 9:30 class is mother of two (and apparently mid 40's) coach and CrossFit athlete, Tracey McArdle. Tracey has been involved in fitness for most of her adult life and has been doing CrossFit for over 5 years training in both Brisbane and Melbourne including CrossFit competitions. She has two primary school girls and trained through both pregnancies so is well placed to coach people of all abilites and situations. She can also assist with nutrition planning and advice no matter your goals.


You can check out our full CrossFit FAQ HERE but we have covered below some specific ones for parents (and upcoming parents).

Can I do CrossFit while pregnant?

YES!!  We fully encourage your regular participation in classes throughout your pregnancy and believe that regular exercise is of great benefit to you and your baby. You’ll be your own best judge of what’s appropriate to do or not do, so we strongly encourage that you to listen to your body on a day-to-day, and rep-to-rep basis. That said, you can read an overview of what you (and your coaches) can expect as far as training during pregnancy HERE. Please note that our protocol is to inform the entire staff so we can all be on the same page. Additionally, please make us aware of any complications/medical issues so we can help to adjust your training accordingly. Otherwise, get ready to enjoy the journey!

How Long after I have my baby can I return to CrossFit?

This is really personal.   After 4-6 weeks, depending on how you feel and the advice of your doctor, we’d love to see you start coming back to the box. Coming to class and moving around will be great for both your body and your state of mind. Our advice here is to take it slowly and be mindful of your recovery.


Easy, jump over to our Getting Started page and all of the information is there. If you have any questions you can get in touch with us here or if you have any specific questions about the Parents Club or Childminding you can contact Tracey directly on 0402 148 802.