1. How did you start CrossFit?

I started CrossFit after my partner pestered me about it for months. Before that I was just going to a regular gym doing a mix of my own thing, classes and running. I put off CrossFit for a bit because I wasn't sure how it would fit in with my running and I was scared of injuring myself, but I eventually caved in. As soon as I started CrossFit I was hooked, I love the intensity and variety of the workouts!

2. What's your funniest health and fitness moment?

I'm incredibly uncoordinated which led to some embarrassing moments on the netball courts when I was younger. I've now learnt to just avoid any ball sports haha!

3. What's your proudest CrossFit moment or achievement?

I was pretty happy being able to get chest to bar pull ups in the open, as well as being able to do a handstand and lower myself down (now I just have to work out how to get back up haha!).

4. What other hobbies do you have outside of CrossFit?

Outside of CrossFit I love to bake and run, the running and CrossFit is largely so I can bake. 

5. What's your favourite quote?

 "It never gets easy, you just get stronger"