How we communicate and better look after you – the role of the physio, coach and you!

Physiotherapy - 3 Stage Process

Its been long standing issue within the fitness industry for decades that communication between physio's, coaches and clients has been less than optimal, causing stress, lengthening recovery times post injury and sometimes, not getting you back up and running at all.

We are changing all of this and have partnered with Back In Motion Brunswick (BIM) in order to offer our members better service, education and advice from qualified physiotherapists who also CrossFit themselves.

Our 3 stage system includes:

1. Complimentary pre-screening for new members
2. A dedicated rehab board outlining movements to include and movements to avoid during classes
3. Intervention cards to provide a long term plan to tackle your issue

This provides a closed loop in which both phyio’s and coaches can look after you from start to finish should an injury or concern arise.


Stage 1 of our process involves Pre-Screening and is designed to:

  • Identify your area’s at risk of injury and address them before they occur
  • Optimise your performance, health and wellbeing
  • Boost your recovery

Information regarding the pre-screen or any initial session you do with BIM is transferred onto the Rehab Board, which forms a link of communication between the physio’s and coaches.

This provides coaches with important information regarding your current area’s of risk, and with future sessions, a means to address them.


The Rehab Board is a list of everyone who is currently seeking treatment from BIM or who is currently injured.

The Rehab Board includes key pieces of information related to your treatment sessions and/or recovery from your current injury, and is critically important for the coaches to know.

The information includes:

  1. Your name
  2. Date
  3. Diagnosis
  4. What Movements To Avoid
  5. What Movements To Include
  6. When This Was Last Updated

The Coaches are then updated on the board during the weekly Coaches meeting that take place each Friday at the box.

This gives the coaches a snapshot of what is and isn’t ok for you to do in the main CrossFit classes, and therein possible scaling options that won’t further aggravate your injury.


The final piece of the puzzle is the use of Intervention Cards.

Whenever you book another session with BIM (beyond the first session), they will begin to formulate a plan of attack to resolve your particular issue.

This plan, which may include specific exercises, warm ups, ergonomic changes and so on, will then be added to your Intervention Card.

You will be able to access your Intervention Card at anytime at the box, as they will be stored safely in a filing cabinet next to the whiteboards.

As these cards will be able to be viewed by all parties, it provides a closed loop of communication between BIM physio’s, coaches and you - making resolving your issue far more effective.


Gone are the days of "just go and foam roll your back" for CrossFit Affiliates dealing with injuries. A comprehensive, educational and performance changing system is required in order to better look after you.

CrossFit Moreland's 3 stage system is designed to:

1. Screen potential risks before they get out of hand
2. Provide up to date information to you, the coaches and physio’s so everyone is on the same page, and
3. Provide a long term plan to address any identified risks or current injuries

Best of luck in your training!

Benjamin Lustig
CrossFit Moreland

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