Lizzy Marsh recently presented as part of our CrossFit Moreland Workshop series - here's a rundown of what she discussed at the box!

Who Is Lizzy Marsh?

I'm an exercise scientist with a passion for living a full, healthy and active life. I am constantly learning about approaches to health and wellness that incorporate nutrition, thoughts, breathing, training and understanding the human body.

I have worked with a number of elite athletes, but also many individuals who just want to achieve better health, body composition and reduce the symptoms of “life.” 

I am a CrossFit coach and gym owner, nutritionist, published author and Yin yoga teacher (at the moment!!)

What does Lizzy Do With Her Clients?

-       Holistic nutrition and lifestyle approach (no one meal plan works for everyone!)

-       Understanding your stress response through inflammation

-       Remove as many ‘toxins’ as possible, while adding as much goodness as possible

-       Achieve optimal health for YOUR body, YOUR mind and YOUR stress response

-       Achieve a sustainable, long term, enjoyable and positive relationship with food

What Are The Symptoms Of “Life":

  • Weight gain (localised to particular areas)
  • Energy slumps
  • Fatigue
  • Allergies and reactions
  • Mucous production
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Lashing out at others
  • Digestive issues (bloating, cramping, pain)
  • Infertility
  • Lack of sex drive
  • Lack of motivation
  • Sleep that isn’t refreshing or recharging
  • Difficulty getting out of bed
  • Bad premenstrual symptoms (bloating, depression, mood swings, pain)
  • Cramping, spasms or restless legs
  • Illness and disease

Inflammation and Stress Response:

As the digram outlines above, medications, food, your environment, illness/disease and training all effect inflammation and stress in your body contributing to "Life" Symptoms (as outlined previously).

Looking within these areas in your own life, you can see which one's may need to be altered or better managed in order to reduce stress/inflammation.

For example, your training may be going really well, however what you eat from day to day is "pro-inflammatory" and causing greater stress on your body. Altering this for the better, with foods outlined below, would see a marked reduction in inflammation/stress to your body and an improvement in your quality of life and performance.

Symptoms of "Life" are your red lights that something needs to change, ie your inflammation and stress is too great and needs to be reduced.

Foods That Alter Your Symptoms Of "Life" For Better Or Worse:

Foods that may DEPLETE health: Refined oils, processed foods, gluten, grains, poor quality dairy, sugar, alcohol, coffee.

Foods that ADD health: Quality meats and fish, vegetables, some fruits, coconut, some nuts, seeds and spices.

Combine these foods with lifestyle factors, stress management, movement and play to optimise your quality of life and performance every day.

-Lizzy Marsh
Qualified Nutrition Coach
Speaker and Published Author

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