"Close The Triangle"

One of my good friends Lester Ho from South East strength taught me this concept in early 2013. It can be applied to the Snatch & the Clean.

Note the start position of the lifter in the first photo and the triangle created by the arms, the quads and the torso.

As the lifter begins to stand they are cued to sweep the bar back towards their hips - therein closing the triangle until no space exists between the bar and lifter (refer photo's 2-4).

This achieves two things:

1. It brings the bar closer to the lifters COG (Centre Of Gravity) - therein improving the overall bar path and efficiency of the lift, AND

2. It brings the bar into the "Power Position" at the level of the hips - this is where we can generate the greatest amount of force.

The goal of every set, every rep and the entire career of a lifter is to get the bar into the "Power Position". Period.

"Close The Triangle" is an outstanding concept for making this happen - try it today.

Happy O'lifting :)

Sukwon 1.jpg